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DeathInCorporation – Jakub Smura – Exhibition

Jakub Smura-

Year 3 Art and Game design Undergraduate

Specialising in fine and digital art, 3d modelling, unwrapping and texturing for game concepts.

This site is for the display and upload of my FMP and work to the public, with a showcase of my portfolio and contact information for feedback, requests, jobs and commissions.

For FMP I created a game titled “Dead Rose” utilizing my styled concept art and bringing it to life in a unique way. Its a small platformer with focus on a stylized approach with texturing, 3d models, particle systems and animation to create an in depth and interactive nature scene and platformer. This project allowed me to expand my understanding of the software finally getting to utilize my models by myself within the engine. Its documentation is present in “Games & 3D” section.

Games & 3D


 This section is dedicated to showcase my development in to the game design industry, research taken and detail on game projects that I took part in.

Studying at University I always managed to play the role of character design, 3D modelling, Unwrapping and texturing before developing in to independent project and working within the engine. I found that I would pick up on new processes rather instantly. The past studies in fine art only supported my quick development in 3d pipeline production process.

2D concepting & Digital Art Development to 3D

This section is dedicated to my portfolio and development process taken to get to where I am now. Hope you can find something in there that you enjoy.

It shows my general development in all areas of art and showcases more fine art and digital projects.

In the past I covered wide range of projects and experimented with different media outcomes and this portfolio is for showcasing sections of my best work when it comes to drawing, painting and digital design and even 3d.

Bio, Cv and Contact


Contact information for any job requests, commissions, and project opportunities.

Provided with a Bio and a copy of my CV and Covering letter with links to view different site’s  from previous levels of studies. 

I have a distaste for ordinary and boring. That fact is represented in my cv because rather than presenting you with a templated layout that just anyone can download its presented as a character sheet showcasing art and design techniques.